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maxgraft® bonebuilder


Based on CT/CBCT scans of the patient, the bone block is virtually designed using the latest 3D CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology.

maxgraft® bonebuilder offers greater precision and accuracy of fit compared to classical block augmentation. Manual adjustment of the block during the operation is seldom required and maxgraft® bonebuilder may be applied directly onto the defect, reducing surgery time as well as risk of infection.1-5 The individual design provides a precise fit between local bone and the allogenic bone block, enabling rapid revascularization and fast graft incorporation.6-7


maxgraft® bonebuilder is planned in close interaction between clinical users and botiss CAD-designers with multiple feedback loops to ensure an optimal fit. Communication is mainly done via email using the comment section on the specific order web page.


1. Data upload
2. Block design
3. Design check of the 3D-planning
4. Order of maxgraft® bonebuilder
5. Production
6. Invoice and delivery



maxgraft® bonebuilder is produced at the Cells+Tissuebank Austria (C+TBA), a non-profit organization aiming to provide allogenic transplants for orthopedic and dental regeneration situated in Krems/Austria.
maxgraft® bonebuilder is made from cancellous human donor bone and originates from femoral heads (taken during hip surgery) of living donors from certified procurement centers in Europe.

The ALLOTEC® Process

Thorough donor anamnesis and serological testing combined with the proprietary Allotec® purification procedure and radiological sterilization offer high safety.

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+ Processed human allograft from selected living donors
(Production: C+TBA, Krems, Austria)
+ Natural mineralized collagen
+ Maximum size: 23 x 13 x 13 mm
+ Fast graft incorporation and complete remodeling potential
+ No donor site morbidity
+ 5-6 months healing-/integration time
+ 5 years shelf life at 5-30°C

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